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Apagyi Tradeimpex

Everything belonging to the category of pipeline and valves within competitive deadlines
Due to our flexible business policy, we are able to satisfy our customers’ technical and commercial needs at competitive prices. Our business policy is based on creating good personal contacts. It applies to our supplier companies, too, the majority of which are exclusively represented by our company.

The relationship with our business partners is more than a usual commercial representative connection. In addition to providing commercial services, we can help them to solve their problems, too.
The manager of our company, Béla Apagyi. He is a mechanical engineer and a manager of foreign trade. He speaks Russian, German and English at conference level.

The companies represented by us belong to the most prominent manufacturers in their categories. We can recommend long-lasting products with ISO 9000-9002 qualification. They require little maintenance and have competitive prices. Through our wide-ranging foreign and local connections we can deliver practically everything belonging to the category of pipeline and valves within competitive deadlines.
We are the only representation of the DeZurik, the Habonim, and the Bernard companies in Hungary. Our goal is to serve our business partners to their satisfaction with high quality products, and competitive delivery times.

Bela Apagyi

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Bernard Controls,


  • Electric actuators for closing, opening and regulation
  • 90 degree open-close for ball valves with high torque
  • Service of the actuators is available
L.Bernard, manufactures different type of electric actuators for closing, opening and regulating of valves and for other different parts of the industry.

For example 90 degree open-close for ball valves, for butterfly valves, for louvers, and multi-turn for gate valves, for control valves. The service of the actuators is available. Atex approval for exposion-proof actuators.

Bernard website



  • Ball valves, pneumatic actuators
  • International quality standards
This company manufactures general and special ball valves from very small sizes for special needs. These products are used by the pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor etc. industries.

All over the world only Habonim produces pneumatic actuators with four pistons, which are very popular because they have full dynamic balance. They could be used for open-close, operation, and with position regulators they are excellent for control. Habonim has developed its control valve based on ball valve. This is a very reliable a high quality and popular product on the market because of its small size and competitive price.

Habonim website



  • Safety relief valves
  • Liquid level gauges
Seetru is manufacturer of safety relief and other special purpose ancillary valves for a wide range of compressed air, industrial gas, refrigerants, powder, steam, liquid and liquefied gas applications.

They also manufacture liquid level gauges, primarily of two types sight gauges and magnetic float by-pass gauges.

Seetru website



  • More than 5,000 actuated valve combinations
  • Major European agreements & certificates
  • Short delivery times
Syveco is part of Thermador Groupe, a French master stockist in valves and fittings for industry, HVAC & water works, and offer a wide range of products to the European and African markets.

Thermador-international website