Apagyi Tradeimpex Ltd.

continues the work of the Austrian WARIMPEX Handels Gmbh. in Hungary, making use of its nearly 30 years experience and the system of its business connections all over the Continent.
Due to our flexible business policy, we are able to satisfy our customers’ technical and commercial needs at competitive prices. Our business policy is based on creating good personal contacts. It applies to our supplier companies, too, the majority of which are exclusively represented by our company.
The relationship with our business partners is more than a usual commercial representative connection. In addition to providing commercial services, we can help them to solve their problems, too.

The manager of our company, Béla Apagyi, used to be a dealer for Warimpex, and he has been representing Warimpex in Hungary since 1999. He is a mechanical engineer and a manager of foreign trade. He speaks Russian, German and English at conference level.
The companies represented by us belong to the most prominent manufacturers in their categories. We can recommend long-lasting products with ISO 9000-9002 qualification. They require little maintenance and have competitive prices. Through our wide-ranging foreign and local connections we can deliver practically everything belonging to the category of pipeline and valves within competitive deadlines.

We are the only representation of the DeZurik, the Habonim, and the Bernard companies in Hungary. Our goal is to serve our business partners to their satisfaction with high quality products, and competitive delivery times.